Strada Season Opener 2017

Strada. The event was held at Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue in Vaughn (Toronto). I live about an hour away – that’s if traffic is good. So. The event starts at 6pm, and i had late notice. Camera charged, gear together, i set off at 5:30pm. Even with Tesla’s exquisite navigation system, we failed to notice that the 403 highway was closed. And that every detour was completely packed with traffic. After some quick thinking by the cars pilot, we were back on track. At 6:30. It’s getting dark, but i’ve brought my tripod, and my camera isn’t bad at night time, long exposure shots. Although video is nearly impossible to capture without proper lighting. A look at the sun tells me i’ve an hour on sunlight tops. After making an alarmingly fast journey to the location, a quick look at the nav showed that the location was over 7000 buildings up the street from where the nav was set. Onto another highway/race track and we were nearly there by 7:00pm. While examining my camera, i noticed some police in the distance. Pretty much the expectation for any car meet. Anyway, in the mean time, a 458 Speciale came into my field of view and triggered my carspotter reflexes.

458 Speciale spotted while driving to Strada

The day has started off amazingly, then. In good spirits, we made our way onward. As we overcame the hill in the above photo, i noticed that there wasn’t someone pulled over, but rather, an entire rally. NorthFaceRally. Again, carspotter reflexes kicking in, i got footage and photos of this crazy, need for speed like roadblock.

After getting tons of content there, we proceeded down the street, now a block away. We passed Skyline Motors and found that the remnants of North Face were regrouping in it’s parking lot. No content there. Finally – rolling into Strada. The traffic was at a standstill, every second car, a supercar. Parking at a nearby gas station, i grabbed my long range lens and entered Strada. It was chaos. At least 500 cars in the lot, with a section cordoned off for North Face. Two legendary NSX’ entered the lot looking clean.

I walked around for a good 15mins, taking various photos.

I then decided to go see what North Face was doing. After driving halfway to Skyline, we realized that the oncoming traffic was nowhere to be seen. After climbing a hill, it was clear to see why.

A quick u-turn and i was out of the sunroof in true carspotter fashion. And film I did. We pulled off to the risky turning lane to get more shots, and my god did these cars look and sound amazing! After stationing myself on a sidewalk (Not while in the car), I proceeded to get footage of everything that passed by. The experience was amazing! Thank you to @stradajbr and @NorthFaceRally for making this possible!

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