Porsche Oakville Cars and Coffee

Porsche has been kind enough to host some cars and coffee events on the first Saturday of every summer month. These meets are very classy, my type of environment. The meets where you get “tuners” aren’t really my style. Sure, a GT86 or an R34 isn’t bad, but when the mods on your car consist of a large, obnoxious exhaust and the removal of your Honda badge, that’s something that I don’t like at all. Anyway, the meet started off good, i was a bit early and got to see some of the cars roll in which was nice. First impressions:

I’ve seen that ACR before. I’ll probably see him at some meets later on this year. I proceeded to the back of Porsche to be met with this

Stunning. This was my first time seeing a 675lt in the metal. Not that anyone cares. Anyway. The car itself was stunning on its own. The matté black paint paired with the carbon accents was immaculate. I have to say, it looks way better than the 650s, it looks violent. Onward! After staring at the McLaren for a bit, a very loud car entered the area. An old Ford GT. It’s owner parked nose to nose with the McLaren which was interesting.

After that, it was pretty much Porsches.

That’s that. Big thanks to Porsche Centre Oakville for hosting the event!

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