Close Call

Yesterday evening, returning from an unknown location, driving on an unknown highway, the four lane highway had two exits – each taking up two lanes. Now, from experience, if you take the wrong exit, it will take you 20 minutes to get back to unknown location A. Naturally, i’d rather take the right (as in correct) exit. But, i had a problem. Car A and car B. With car A being in front of us, and car B being in the lane to the right. I had to get over to lane 3 in record time to take my exit. Luckily, Mr. Musk planned for this, and included a 1 second merge time with our car at no extra charge. Pedal down, turn signal on, swerve. The car decided it would crash and tried to activate Collision Avoidance (hence the frantic beeping), luckily, it didn’t take evasive maneuvers. Alright, into lane 2. Now we have an even bigger problem. To our right, a GT350R. Obviously, this was great to get photos of, but he wanted to take the lane 1&2 exit, and we wanted to take the lane 3&4 exit. And the divider was nearing closer. The Mustang popped the clutch in and revved it to let us know he was going for it. Brakes for us, then. Coming within two feet of our car, the GT350 swerved over the white lines and into his exit while we did the same in the opposite direction. An unknown voice (not me) can be heard saying “Someone had to brake first” nearer the end of the clip.

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