Increased Priority

If you follow my social media, than you might have noticed i’ve been doing nothing for the past week or so. Being a typical student, school took #1 priority as exams have been looming. Apologies for the speed at which this is being written. Exams finished today, specifically one hour ago. Therefore Carspotter is #1 on the list. Things to expect:

  • Two or 3 awesome films
  • Some apps for macOS(long story, will make a full article on it).
  • Tons of cool wallpapers and screensavers.
  • Lots of new content
  • Some cool things, fun stuff added to the site
  • More blog posts!


Website troubles

Some of you may have noticed that the forum is completely gone. I will not be making a new one as some hackers targeted the forum and posted lots of.. Things. As of today, i’ve deleted the entire forum and it’s data. Apologies to those with legit accounts and anyone who visited the forum since May 7th.

Normal Service has been resumed, like i said above, the Forum section of the site is gone entirely and will not return.