Cars and Coffee Collection

Hello again folks.

Over the years, I have spent many a time wondering aimlessly amongst the variety of automobiles which occupy the parking spaces and the streets around Engineered Automotive. The company is kind enough to reserve the first Sunday of every summer month for something called Cars and Coffee. If you aren’t familiar with Cars and Coffee meetups, a photo speaks a thousand words – and I have plenty.

Essentially, Cars and Coffee consists of one part coffee, two parts car enthusiast and three parts interesting cars. Upon arrival, my attention was immediately captured by the aggressive lines on the Mercedes AMG-GTR. The colour is pleasant and understated, quite the opposite of the overall body style which looks somewhere between violent and hell raising. The exhausts appear gnarly, especially because they reside in the considerable rear diffuser. The classic AMG long bonnet fits the car impeccably, housing the large twin turbo V8 engine which passes a healthy 577 horsepower direct to the rear wheels.

Overall, Cars and Coffee is a great experience for any car enthusiast, there’s plenty of variety and no lack of passion for the culture. On top of the cars and the enthusiasts, the coffee and doughnuts are plentiful and enjoyable.

Happy new year.

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