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Tapp – Bonding your Model S or X and your MacOS computer!

This is my first App, it is coded in Swift 3 with a hand from Alamofire and SwiftyJSON. This application allows one to login to their Tesla account securely and control their vehicle from their Apple computer. The only data stored by the app in a token that it uses to log you in after restarting the app. Of course you may disable this feature by deselecting the “Keep me logged in” button. Want some new features? Just email me or comment below!

You’ll see all of the commands and graphs and other things. Things i’ve got planned and things to make a fuss about:

  • Adding line graphs of the car’s power output vs charge level + more
  • Saving more data(?) to have a cleaner launch and to provide a better user experience
  • Adding a com service – Press one button to contact me, i’ll be able to see how many people are using the app at a given time. Don’t worry, i’m paranoid about privacy, especially with the car – i won’t know anything about you or your Tesla and i’m confident that nobody else will either (minus Tesla themselves)
  • I’m so paranoid about safety that i’ve tried many unsuccessful attacks on myself to try to improve security, and i also have made it open source, so that one may see everything the app does.
  • Taking suggestions!

Download .app directly

Download .zip from GitHub

View the Source Code

EDIT: Apparently, Apple won’t let me export 1.5 for some reason.. Check back soon.

UPDATE: With help from the internet, I’ve managed to work around Apple’s mischievous plot to get me to buy into their dev program. App updated. Hope you like it! More here: Apple’s Hijacked My Computer!

(Current Version is 1.5)

Join the Beta program by emailing me, you’ll need to provide your location and the last digits of your vehicles VIN #. What to expect: me breaking things and then fixing them, ending in either improvements or really fun stuff.

UPDATE 25 Oct 2017: Moving to Tapp2 – all related content now moved to

ADBTools – Command your android device through your Mac

App Progress (Sept 15, 2017) 80%

Not released yet – currently in V1 alpha. But i’m no app production company so all that means to me is “meh, maybe it’ll be by done next week”. I could keep it a secret, so I think i will. Or not. I don’t like doing this, but for the peoples’ sake i’ll tell you. ADBTools will be coded exclusively in Swift 3 for Apple computers. As the name suggests, it will be a near carbon copy of ADBGUI for windows. Why? Well, I wanted ADBGUI. And i have a Mac that doesn’t like bootcamp or VirtualBox. So my solution is to build my own. In fact, that’s the only reason i build apps – to make my life better/easier/more helpful and i figure i’ll release it to the public because somebody is sitting at home going “Man, i really need that”. It’s marketing, but i hate marketing. I mean the whole thing, I don’t want to classify my consumer because if anyone is reading this, that means they care about either what i produce or who i am. I value that rather than just making money off ads and leaving. That’s why i’m always asking for suggestions and feedback, because i’m doing this for people who want to know about the things i do and want to consume some tasty content or get free apps. You’ll notice i do have a couple of ads – i’ll assume you’ve AdBlock which is smart, and I could get “Block adblock” but I feel that if you don’t want to support me with ad revenue, then don’t – I know that I leave my AdBlock on pretty much 24/7. That got really far off topic.. Anyway, some features!

  • Gestures – Control your screen by performing swipes, taps and long holds with your mouse in the gesture view!
  • Enter password and login: Exactly that. Will type in a numeric or alpha password and simulate a login or enter button click. Currently adding support for swipe logins.
  • Connect to remote ADB or local ADB (Smart connect)
  • Type text on the screen
  • Use (Simulate click) any hardware button, even buttons that your android device may not have.
  • Screen capture and Record
  • Change DPI
  • More here

UPDATE Sept 5th ’17: All of the major hurdles have been jumped. Moving on to finalizing the (G)UI and adding some ludicrous features. Beta tester signup will be available this week! Fire me off an email if you have any cool ideas. -Spencer

UPDATE Sept 15: Beta tester signup here! Releases ready soon!


  1. MacOS Sierra (10.12+)
  2. An Android device
  3. A USB to Android cable