North Face Rally

So, a while before the meet was announced, i noticed that the king and Sparky1888 had been posting photos of their new Pagani Huayra BC which was delivered to Miller Motorcars early this month. Last year, “The King” brought his 1 of 1 of 1 to the rally, so I was expecting him to bring either the 1 of 1 of 1 or the BC.


Fast forward. Wake up at 8:00AM on Sunday the 4th. Scout instagram for the latest news, have a look outside. At the rain that’s steadily pouring down. Great. I’m relatively sure they won’t call the meet off because A: Strada rented the track for the day, B: It’s a rally, so they will have a schedule with reserved places at hotels and meeting points. The Pagani probably won’t show – due to it being a hypercar that doesn’t particularly like rain. Who knows though?

Fast forward again, and at ~10AM, I’m standing in front of Ghost Rider’s SV, taking photos. The rain had stopped long ago, but the drag strip remained closed due to water on the track. The circuit was open and being well used, despite the water. Photos:


After about an hour, I overheard someone on the phone: “You’re coming now?!” I turned to look at him, but found he was running toward the front gates. I followed, not wanting to miss whatever the commotion was about. After ~20min of standing at the front gate, some more car enthusiasts started noticing and joining us. Ten more minutes went by and nothing seemed to be happening. I’m used to standing at corners and just waiting for long periods of time, for a car that may never come at all. so this wasn’t so bad for me. The shutter of my D3300 sprang into action and my camera screen was filled with a Pagani Huayra BC, and various other supercars. Kingtasma. I mentally chuckled at the fact that we’re in Cayuga, and a >$2,000,000 Pagani hypercar is avoiding potholes in the disheveled country roads.

Immaculate describes the car, yet still does it no justice. This vehicle, this piece of artwork, of craftsmanship is absolutely striking. Seeing the automobile in person is absolutely incredible. The car resembles an Italian fighter jet, but with more class. The AMG V12 looks cozy, seated between carbon fibre and heat treated titanium piping which is capable of producing sounds that reflect the amount of work put into the engine by Michael Kübler himself.

When the doors go up it looks ready to fly, and when it’s driving it looks qualified to take a sharp chicane at 200km/h. Kingtasma went to the track for a photoshoot with Twalt24 and Toronto Exotic Carspotting.

Here are some photos from the event in general.

All in all, the event was a fun time, and pretty awesome considering the Pagani. Thanks to North Face Rally, Strada and TMP Cayuga!

Increased Priority

If you follow my social media, than you might have noticed i’ve been doing nothing for the past week or so. Being a typical student, school took #1 priority as exams have been looming. Apologies for the speed at which this is being written. Exams finished today, specifically one hour ago. Therefore Carspotter is #1 on the list. Things to expect:

  • Two or 3 awesome films
  • Some apps for macOS(long story, will make a full article on it).
  • Tons of cool wallpapers and screensavers.
  • Lots of new content
  • Some cool things, fun stuff added to the site
  • More blog posts!


Close Call

Yesterday evening, returning from an unknown location, driving on an unknown highway, the four lane highway had two exits – each taking up two lanes. Now, from experience, if you take the wrong exit, it will take you 20 minutes to get back to unknown location A. Naturally, i’d rather take the right (as in correct) exit. But, i had a problem. Car A and car B. With car A being in front of us, and car B being in the lane to the right. I had to get over to lane 3 in record time to take my exit. Luckily, Mr. Musk planned for this, and included a 1 second merge time with our car at no extra charge. Pedal down, turn signal on, swerve. The car decided it would crash and tried to activate Collision Avoidance (hence the frantic beeping), luckily, it didn’t take evasive maneuvers. Alright, into lane 2. Now we have an even bigger problem. To our right, a GT350R. Obviously, this was great to get photos of, but he wanted to take the lane 1&2 exit, and we wanted to take the lane 3&4 exit. And the divider was nearing closer. The Mustang popped the clutch in and revved it to let us know he was going for it. Brakes for us, then. Coming within two feet of our car, the GT350 swerved over the white lines and into his exit while we did the same in the opposite direction. An unknown voice (not me) can be heard saying “Someone had to brake first” nearer the end of the clip.

Website troubles

Some of you may have noticed that the forum is completely gone. I will not be making a new one as some hackers targeted the forum and posted lots of.. Things. As of today, i’ve deleted the entire forum and it’s data. Apologies to those with legit accounts and anyone who visited the forum since May 7th.

Normal Service has been resumed, like i said above, the Forum section of the site is gone entirely and will not return.

Updates to Tapp – macOS app to control Model S and X

So, a little while ago, i updated Tapp to 1.3 – I did minor stabilization and added some new features. With this next update, i’m skipping right to 1.5, then 2.0. This is because as some of you may know, API’s only have a set amount of commands and GETs one can send/request. As of today, i’ve used all of the above. So, at this point, i’m going to work out as many bugs as possible and release Tapp 1.5 tomorrow or the day after. Any suggestions before 1.5? For 2.0? Comment!