Welcome to Carspotter.ca! Here you’ll find some car content – and maybe even some sneak peaks!


My name is Spencer Graham and I started Carspotter Daily in 2012. I have always had a passion for cars, mainly supercars and hypercars for some reason. I’ve met some really influential people who inspired me to continue taking photos. The inspiration has been phenomenal from the beginning – most notably from Teamledin and Rob & Carol from the FCA. I love suggestions and general feedback, please, put my media under the microscope!


Increased Priority

If you follow my social media, than you might have noticed i’ve been doing nothing for the past week or so. Being a typical student, school took #1 priority as exams have been looming. Apologies for the speed at which this is being written. Exams finished today, specifically one hour ago. Therefore Carspotter is #1 …


If you’re interested in any of the services i offer, then feel free to contact me by E-Mail or on Social Media. I don’t go to car meets for profit – it’s purely because i enjoy the culture of it. I am not a professional, but if you’re still reading this then i’ll assume you want me to make or do something for you. I’m capable of the following:

  • Producing photo and video media
  • In some (rare) cases i can build Apps for iOS and macOS
  • Saving the world(if required)
  • Other random activities such as ranting about anything and everything

I’ll mention this one more time – Contact Me! I spend free time basking in compliments and working to fix complaints.